Why Uncle Donald is not qualified for (THE JOB)

the Republican frontrunner to win the White House in 2016. Yet, would Donald Trump really make a good president? To date he has become the focal point of the presidential campaign by saying outrageous, inflammatory and derogatory things about women, minorities and immigrants. And while those sentiments may appeal to angry and disaffected voters, how would they translate if Donald Trump finds himself sitting in the Oval Office? American voters might want to give some serious consideration to that fact. And here are 10 reasons why Donald Trump would not only be a bad president, but likely the worst president ever.

10. Donald Trump Is Not Used to Listening to Anybody Else

There’s a saying that “a president is only as good as his advisors.” But who would, and could, advise Donald Trump? After all, this is the man whose catchphrase is “You’re fired!” Having run his own empire for nearly 40 years, Donald Trump is used to doing as he pleases and calling all the shots. He doesn’t listen to anyone—he’s certainly not listening to anyone on his campaign team who might be telling him to tone down his rhetoric. So how would he listen to an army of advisors who were trying to give him advice on domestic and foreign policy, the military and the economy? The answer is he wouldn’t listen to anyone and would go off making half-baked decisions.

9. He Has No Substantive Policies

To say that Donald Trump is light on policy is an understatement. Political pundits had criticized the presidential candidate for not issuing any substantive policies for his campaign. Trump noted this and decided to issue his first policy. And what was it? He proposed to build a gigantic wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep out illegal immigrants. Reading this proposal to build a giant wall along the border on legitimate news sites was like reading the satirical news put out by The Onion. Not only is a proposal to build a wall to keep out Mexicans borderline racist behavior, it is also completely impractical and would be insanely expensive. So how does Donald Trump propose to pay for this wall? He plans to bill the Mexican government for the cost. Give us a break! On other substantive policy issues, such as healthcare, Donald Trump says he plans to scrap Obamacare and replace it with “something terrific.” Asked to elaborate he said: “It’ll be great.” Well, that seems clear—not!

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